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The Benefits of Subscribing:

We want to highlight the benefits of signing up for the Town of Westville Municipal Email Subscription System. This subscription is the essential source for staying connected with the Town and its happenings. By subscribing to our email updates, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Timely and relevant information about community events
  • Updates on town meetings and important announcements
  • Local news delivered directly to your inbox
  • Never miss out on important updates that may impact you and your community
  • Stay informed, engaged, and connected to the vibrant pulse of Westville

Subscription Categories

Tailor your subscription to fit your needs by selecting which category of emails you would like to receive.

Note: your subscription will include future emails and not include past emails

  • Advisories (Road Hazards, Road Closures, Repairs, Water Main Breaks etc...)
  • Events
  • News and Career Opportunities
  • Newsletter
  • Planning by-laws updates
  • Police Meeting Minutes and Monthly Report
  • Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Town Council updates (Meeting Minutes and Agendas, Financial Statements, Policy updates, Council/CAO Expense Reports)

How to Sign-up for Subscription

In order to be included in the Subscription system so you can Manage your Subscriptions, you must first create an Account on this website.

  1. Create an Account
  2. Log in to Manage Subscription
  3. Go to the Manage My Subscriptions Page
  4. Start receiving email updates

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