Westville News

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Jun.30/23 Notice of Public Works Staff Changes After over 12 years of dedicated and truly outstanding service to the people of Westville it is with sadness that we announce the decision of Sam Graham to leave the employ of the Town. Allan Avery will become Interim Public Works Superintendent and Chris Selig will become Acting Foreman until a formal competition to fill the positions is held. Details
Jun.30/23 Procurement conducted by Canoe Procurement Group of Canada The Town of Westville intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Canoe Procurement Group of Canada between June 2022 – June 2023. For further information and access to the Canoe Procurement tender notices, please review For further information about Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, please visit Details
Sep.30/23 Low Income Property Tax Exemption Applications for the Low Income Property Tax Exemption are now open. Applications are attached or can be picked up from the office. Household Income under $24,847 can apply to have $275 credited to their account provided there are no outstanding tax arrears from last year and a notice of assessment from CRA is provided as proof of income. Details