Welcome to the Police Department

In the community of Westville, we pride ourselves in our quality of life and community spirit. 

With changing times, the way forward is about collaboration and innovation. Within the Westville Police Service, we engage in a holistic community approach.  

One that requires police to work with their community partners to understand the root causes of problems and the concerns of our citizens. 

Strong and Committed Team

We have a strong and committed team who are honoured to serve in such a community. We are also very fortunate to have engaged citizens who are very supportive of the Westville Police Service. Our emphasis in the future is to explore and find new ways to deal with changing social trends and advancements in technology.

We remain dedicated to recruitment, retention, and developing the best trained team possible. In the end, our community is about our reputation and investing in our community.

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photo of Police Police SUV behind Polive Motorcycles turning corner
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